History of nursing in France

The word nursing derives from the Latin infirm us, which would come to be something like that related to the non-strong. You could say that nursing is as old as humanity since people have always needed nursing care when they are sick or injured. The great economic crisis, the political conditions of centralization, the Protestant rebellion, the precariousness in health and the position of women in society are features that characterized the http://www.contadordepalabras.com/Modern Age. All these events that took place in this period influenced the practice of nursing. It is believed that the figure of the nurse appeared in during the Middle Ages. The nurses were mostly untrained women who helped bring children into the world or were wet nurses. On the other hand, the care of the sick was very associated with the nuns, with more formation and a religious vote that impelled them to take care of the weakest. From caring for the sick, the Nuns had more training and care for the sick.

France has always been a destination marked in red by physiotherapists when it comes to getting the job that gives them the experience and income necessary to take the first steps at a professional level, a destination where you can enjoy the culture and the environment at the same time. They take steps forward in the healthcare world. However, today something has changed, and it has done for good. French hospitals and health centers no longer only look for physiotherapists, but also, as in the UK, more and more doctors ( dentiste de garde ), nurses, midwives and other health professionals are sued in the French country. To cover this need for specialized personnel, one of the countries that they are most looking towards is Spain, both for the level of training and for the training with which the professionals of this country count.

To work in French healthcare, we have two main options:

Work for others: in this case the contract is usually offered by the public hospitals of the Gaul country

Work as a freelancer: it is usually the main form of contracting in private clinics, sometimes they also offer the help of the public system, such as accommodation. A fundamental step for any health professional who wants to work in a hospital or clinic in France is the homologation of the title, a necessary condition to be able to carry out the work, especially once the training and testing period has passed.

At this point we find a great advantage, most of the professions, thanks to European regulations, have an automatic homologation. The basic documentation to be presented will be the accreditation of degrees, which can be requested through the European Union portal or carried out in the corresponding offices in the different French departments. All the documentation must have the original and the sworn translation into French, you can also request additional information related to personal aspects (medical health tests, police record, …). In general, in this step although apparently it is not going to be a big problem, it is very possible that they demand us documents that in principle were not necessary. Basically, it is a bureaucratic process, and as such we have to count on possible delays.

In general, each professional will be responsible for between 15 and 20 patients once they have obtained the necessary experience and sufficient fluency with the language. For this, usually they usually spend around three months from the arrival to the new work center, although a determining fact is the homologation of the title, a necessary bureaucratic process and that can oscillate in time.

How to look for a job in a hospital in France

In the case of private clinics, the best option is to go directly to them. In general, they usually have a web section devoted to employment and where we can find the available vacancies they have. In this field, both conditions and requirements are much more variable than those offered and demanded in the public sector. Of course, apart from this we have all the options that the general job seekers ask us in which we can find many of the massive hiring that we talked about before. In addition to this option, on our website Trabajarporelmundo.org you can find all the offers that arise for the hiring of health personnel for hospitals and health centers in France. Regarding working conditions, the company proposes contracts in.

The salaries are between 1,350 and 6,000 € per month depending on the job position that is requested. Working in France as a nurse, nursing assistant, midwife or physiotherapist can be a good career option for you, even if it’s your first job. Working in France can be very beneficial for your professional project.

The European Association of Nursing Students is the organization that represents Nursing students in the European Union. Made up of associations from 10 countries, including Spain, it is the voice of more than one million students. During the celebration of his congress in Madrid DiarioEnfermero.es he had the opportunity to know, thanks to his testimonies, how is the situation of the profession in Europe, at least from the perspective of his students. With some specific problems and other common ones, what is clear is that, at European level, there is a great shortage of nurses, with poorly paid professionals who assume a great care burden. On the positive side, the commitment of the entire profession to guarantee the best care despite the difficulties stands out.

The training in France consists of 50% of the time in classes and another 50% in hospitals, to put into practice what has been learned. After three years of study you get a “grade license”. It is like a professional formation of superior degree. Nursing schools depend on hospitals, even the direction of the school itself depends on them. Now we must achieve a balance between what we want Nursing students and what hospitals want. Currently there is a university that has agreed to create a pilot project for a nursing faculty. They want to see the interest that awakens among the students.

The studies are generic, after three years, we are nurses and we can work where we want and with the time of patients we want: children, elderly, chronic … After we can take a year of specialization, the specialties that exist are: perfusionist, anesthesia and pediatrics. Midwifery is a specialty of medicine and not of nursing. We have very few masters, only in public health and health education, so you cannot access other master’s degrees, or doctorate or research.